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Bolaji Amusan, popularly known as Mr Latin, is a multi-talented Nigerian film actor, comedian, filmmaker, director, and producer.

He has made significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his comedic skills and acting prowess. Born on October 15, 1966, in Aiyedaade, Osun State, Bolaji Amusan’s journey in the entertainment world has been marked by success and recognition. Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of this remarkable individual.

Early Life and Career:

Bolaji Amusan was born in Gbongan, the administrative center of Aiyedaade Local Government Area in Osun State, Nigeria. His foray into the entertainment industry began in 1988 when he ventured into acting. However, it was in 1991 that he transitioned into comedy, earning him the moniker “Mr. Latin.” The name originated from a misunderstanding by Akin Ogungbe, the director of the movie “50-50” in 1992, who mistook Bolaji’s French for Latin when he heard him speaking it. This humorous incident gave birth to his iconic stage name.

Association with TAMPAN:

In 1989, Bolaji Amusan joined the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners, which is now known as the Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN). He actively participated in the association, holding various local positions. In 2018, Bolaji Amusan was elected as the president of TAMPAN, further solidifying his influential role within the Nigerian film industry.

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Film Productions and Contributions:

Bolaji Amusan has an impressive filmography, having produced over 40 films, primarily in the comedy genre. His movies have brought joy and laughter to audiences across Nigeria and beyond. Some notable films he has produced include “50-50” (1992), “Ebun Igbeyawo” (1996), “Faworaja” (1999), “Nnkan Olomoba” (2000), and “Òfin mósè” (2006), among others. Bolaji Amusan’s commitment to the growth of the industry led him to establish the Mr. Latin TV and the Mr. Latin Foundation, platforms aimed at nurturing and promoting young talents.

Personal Life and Social Media Presence:

Bolaji Amusan is happily married to Ronke Amusan, and their union, which began in 1999, has been blessed with two children. Outside of his professional endeavors, Bolaji Amusan enjoys spending time with his family, cherishing the joy and love they bring to his life. He is an active user of social media, particularly Instagram, where he shares updates about his projects and interacts with his fans. You can follow him on Instagram @mrlatin1510 to stay connected with his latest ventures.

Net Worth:

Bolaji Amusan’s dedication and success in the Nigerian entertainment industry have yielded financial rewards. It is estimated that his net worth is approximately $1 million, a testament to his hard work and contributions to the industry.


Bolaji Amusan, widely known as Mr Latin, is a veteran Nigerian actor, comedian, filmmaker, director, and producer who has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment scene. From his humble beginnings to his current position as the president of TAMPAN, he has displayed immense talent, creativity, and passion for his craft. Bolaji Amusan’s comedic performances and productions have brought laughter and joy to audiences, earning him a special place in the hearts of Nigerians. With his ongoing contributions and dedication to the industry, he continues to inspire and pave the way for aspiring actors and comedians in Nigeria and beyond.

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