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Lenon Hijazi, born on October 16, 2017, is an American celebrity kid who has captured the public’s attention for being the twin son of the well-known actress Jaime Pressly. Although he is yet to establish his own career, Lenon’s future shines bright as he hails from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry.

Lenon Hijazi Early Life and Education:

On a significant day in October 2017, Lenon Hijazi was born in the United States. He was raised by his parents, Hamzi Hijazi and Jaime Pressly, alongside his twin brother, Leo Hijazi, and an older brother, Dezi Calvo. The charming family resided in the United States, where Lenon attended a prestigious elementary school in their neighborhood.

Lenon Hijazi Career Aspirations:

While Lenon Hijazi is still a young child without a career of his own, his mother, Jaime Pressly, is a well-known actress with an impressive portfolio of movies and TV shows. She has made remarkable contributions to Hollywood, earning her fame in the American film industry. Inspired by his mother’s success, Lenon dreams of following in her footsteps and making his debut in the film industry in the future.

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Lenon Hijazi Net Worth:

As of now, Lenon Hijazi’s net worth is not publicly known, given his young age and lack of personal earnings. However, his mother, Jaime Pressly, enjoys a substantial net worth of around $7 million, which reflects her successful acting career.

Lenon Hijazi Personal Life:

Lenon has an identical twin brother named Leo Hijazi and an elder sibling, Dezi Calvo. Jaime Pressly gave birth to Dezi in May 2007 during her previous relationship with American DJ Eric Calvo. Jaime and Hamzi first met in 1996 and began dating in 2004. They welcomed their first child together, Dezi, in May 2007, before parting ways in November 2008.


Lenon Hijazi is undoubtedly a child with a bright future, given his family’s background and support. As he continues to grow, we eagerly await the possibility of witnessing his talents on the big screen, following in the footsteps of his accomplished mother, Jaime Pressly. Until then, we can appreciate the love and happiness shared by this beautiful celebrity family.

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