Reactions as Tinubu promises to vote out his party

“APC AGAINST APC” -Reactions as Tinubu promises to vote out his party

Reactions as Tinubu promises to vote out his party

Mix reactions have trailed a video of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu promising to vote out the sitting government.

Tinubu held his presidential campaign rally at Moshood Abiola International Stadium, Abeokuta, Ogun State on Thursday, 24th January. Addressing the multitude that came out for his rally, Tinubu spoke in Yoruba Language saying: “We will use the PVC to take over the government from them. Even if they say there is no fuel, we shall trek and use our PVC… They are already playing tricks”.

His statement which clearly means that he is speaking against his party has generated mixed reactions from Netizens. Some are of the opinion that he doesn’t know what he is saying, others said he is referring to the cabals in the present administration.

Netizens mixed reactions

Official Moyo Speaks wrote: “Tinubu’s confidence in speaking nonsense is not from this world, how can you take power from your own APC, who is in power, who is in charge of the fuel scarcity thingy? He has to be the most confused person on earth right now”.

Liizle wrote: “I’m beginning to get confused. Aren’t they in same party ??? “

Oluwafunmilayo wrote: “Tani won? Is this APC different from Buhari’s own?”

Ijefine wrote: “Has he forgotten that is his party that is in power because am confused”

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Wumex foodhub wrote: “Is he not from APC? which ijoba then is he collecting from them?”

Muna wrote: “Who are they voting out? This man is clearly old and making no sense”.

Chukwuifedi wrote: “APC voting APC out I just no understand this man”

Kaimaa wrote: “When God says he will put Confusion in the camp of our enemies, this is what it means, Apc wants to vote our Apc”

Obioha Chidinma wrote: “Hol up hol up did he just say trek. Poverty never tire una
Same APC that made fuel scarce is saying you should trek to go and vote them in? na wa o, after the election una go trek tire and still pay toll gate upon the trekking. Did he trek to give you this message?”

Maxwell wrote: “You cannot be from the same party and you’re not trying to make them better, if you had good ideas for Nigeria, you’d have helped since, not now”.

Chicc Apparel Hub wrote: “We are voting your party out sir. It’s is apc in power and we will trek to go and vote you all out”.

Indulgegeam wrote: “ou people don’t know APC cabals is different from the real APC sha, there are some people in the same APC government working against him, this is deeper than what y’all think sha.”.

Izuchukwu wrote: “APC voting APC out I just no understand this man”

Wasiu hammed wrote: “The message is clear, but only wise would pick sense. How come scarcity no end since ealiy of Nov. And up till date no remedy, can this happen if it’s Buhari himself that wanted to contest for 2nd term? I hope some Yoruba and other reasonable Nigerians will wise up.”

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Oyin wrote: “He knows what he’s saying and we understand.. but God is with him”

Ayomide wrote: “What he said is well understood…. We all knows the game!!! But power must return to the south. Why now?? Hoarding of fuel and naira?? Why now??”

Angel Purest wrote: “Are you sure this guy knows it’s APC the ruling party whose presidential candidate he is?”

Olufemi wrote: “Tinubu wants to take power from the APC government responsible for fuel scarcity”

Adejumo wrote: “Walahi he is saying the truth,in my own understanding I think he’s suspecting that those in aso rock are playing pranks with him, why scarcity of petrol at this time”

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