Blu Hunt Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Blu Farias Hunt, known professionally as Blu Hunt, is a renowned American actress and internet personality. She has gained widespread recognition for her remarkable performances in various television series and movies. Let’s delve into the life and career of this talented artist.

Blu Hunt Early Life and Education:

Blu Hunt was born on July 11, 1995, in Sacramento, California. Growing up in a suburban environment, she is proud of her Native American heritage and belongs to the Lakota tribe. Her grandmother hailed from the Oglala Lakota, and her great-grandfather had Apache roots. Blu pursued her passion for acting and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Blu Hunt  Career Highlights:

Blu Hunt’s breakthrough came in 2017 when she garnered praise for her recurring role in the CW supernatural thriller, “The Originals.” She portrayed the formidable Native American witch, Inadu (The Hollow) Labonair. Following her success, she joined the cast of Netflix’s science fiction drama series, “Another Life,” from 2019 to 2021. In the show, she portrayed August Catawnee, the lead engineer, and youngest crew member aboard the starship Salvare. Additionally, Blu made a guest appearance on the ABC crime drama, “Stumptown,” in 2019.

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Blu Hunt  Feature Film Debut:

In 2020, Blu Hunt made her feature film debut in “The New Mutants,” part of the X-Men film series. In the movie, she played the character Danielle Moonstar/Mirage. Although the film faced several delays, it showcased Blu’s talent on the big screen.

Blu Hunt  Net Worth:

As a successful actress and internet personality, Blu Hunt’s estimated net worth is around $500,000, reflecting her thriving career in the entertainment industry.

Blu Hunt  Personal Life:

Blu Hunt keeps her personal life private, and there is no public information about her dating history. At the moment, she is not married and does not have any children.

Blu Hunt  Social Media Presence:

Blu Hunt connects with her fans and followers through her Instagram account, where she shares glimpses of her life and career. You can find her on Instagram at @bluhunt.


Blu Hunt’s journey from her Native American roots to becoming a prominent actress in Hollywood is inspiring. With her talent and dedication, she continues to shine in the entertainment world. As her career evolves, fans eagerly await her future projects and the captivating performances she will undoubtedly deliver.

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