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Brandi Short is a celebrated American model, internet personality, and media figure, best known as the ex-spouse of the popular actor and choreographer, Columbus Short. Despite her prominence in the public eye, much of her early life and personal details remain undisclosed. This blog post delves into the life and career of Brandi Short, shedding light on her relationship with Columbus Short, her career as a media personality, and glimpses of her personal life.

Brandi Short Early Life and Education:

Brandi Short was born in the United States in the 1980s, but specific details about her birth date remain undisclosed. Raised with her parents and brothers, she completed her early education and high school in the U.S. Her multicultural background is notable, and she practices Christianity. However, information regarding her higher education is limited.

Brandi Short Career:

While Brandi Short is a well-known media personality, there are few details available about her career endeavors. Notably, she gained prominence as the former spouse of Columbus Short, who made his debut as a dancer in the film “You Got Served” before taking on prominent roles in movies like “Accepted” and “Save the Last Dance 2.” He also appeared in popular shows such as “That’s So Raven,” “ER,” and “Judging Amy.” Additionally, he played Darius Hawthorne in NBC’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and presented at the 2007 NAACP Image Awards.

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Brandi Short’s Net Worth:

While information about Brandi Short’s net worth is not public, her ex-husband Columbus Short’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Brandi Short Personal Life:

In 2001, Brandi and Columbus Short tied the knot in marriage. Unfortunately, their relationship faced challenges, leading to their divorce in 2003. Beyond this, not much else is revealed about her personal life.

Brandi Short Physical Attributes:

Brandi Short is described as a stunning woman with an attractive personality. She possesses a charming figure with a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs approximately 50 kg. Her alluring appearance is complemented by her beautiful black eyes and black hair.


Brandi Short remains an enigmatic personality in the media world, with limited information available about her life and career. Despite this, she gained recognition as the former spouse of Columbus Short, a well-known actor and choreographer. Her charm, captivating personality, and intriguing background continue to pique the curiosity of her followers and admirers alike.

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