Enemies lyrics ft sarkodie


Song by Jupitar

Eh yeh yeeh eh eh eh eh eh
This ah di remix eyiii
Garzy, hey Jupitar
Tell’em they ah the student you ah the principal
Ah di general, wat ya say
Patoranking tell’em

We nah joke with dem fake boy

And wi burniton rude boy
And if you stay pon wi you ah dead boy
Just come from mi first tour
And di people demma see me set ah record
Dem say demma want more
Mi can run so mi thank God

Wi make money from elementary lalalololalalolo
Oh cuz everything plenty lalalololalalolo
Life wi live a documentary lalalololalalolo
So I sing say blessings forever, forever and ever
Blessings forever, forever and ever

To all mi enemies maga don pay
To all mi fake friends maga don pay
To all mi enemies maga don pay
Yeah wi go happy today
Yeah maga don pay
And no time to play
Oh eh maga don pay
Wi go happy today

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