How to get MTN double data

How can I get Double MTN Data Plan Via SMS Activating 

How to get MTN double data

MTN double data plan is very easy to activate but You need to have a 3G or 4G LTE SIM card for it to work perfectly. It will take you about 2 minutes to setup everything, all you have to do is to send a short SMS to MTN and MTN will do the rest

To activate the MTN double data, simply follow the easy steps below:


You need to type in “DOUBLE” as SMS and send it to “131”: as in send “DOUBLE” to 131


You will receive an SMS notification from MTN that it is successful. The setup is not yet complete. So proceed to the next step below.


Type in “PROMO” as SMS and send it to “131”: as in send “PROMO” to 131


You will receive an SMS notifications from MTN. You should ignore them and move on to the next step.


Finally, type in “FREE” as SMS and send it to “131”: as in sending “FREE” to 131

Now you are good to go, you can go ahead and purchase any data plan and see how you will be rewarded by MTN.

How TO Activate MTN Double Data On New MTN SIM Card

If you Bought a new SIM, this is how To migrate your new MTN SIM to MTN double data plan,these are the steps to follow:

Step One:

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Type in “PROMO” as SMS and send it to “131”: as in send “PROMO” to 131

Step Two:

You will receive a successful pop message from MTN.

Step Three:

Reply “1” to continue

Step Four:

Now, just dial *131#

Congratulation, you have completed all the steps you should start enjoying MTN double data.

How To Get Double Data On MTN 4G SIM

the process and steps to get double data on MTN to remain the same whether it’s a 3G or a 4G SIM. You will be upgraded to the MTN double data plan once you follow the steps explained above.

How to Get 4G Data Free on MTN 4G LTE SIM

Get free 4G data is up for grabs for those migrating from 3G to 4G LTE? So, if you are upgrading your 3G SIM to a 4G LTE SIM, you are to get 4G data free. It is important to note that this data is free for those upgrading their SIM and it has nothing to do with MTN double data deals.

If you are not automatically given the free 4G data, here are the step to claim yours:

Start by sending “PROMO” as an SMS to 131, then

Send “FREE” to 131

Reply “1” to proceed

Dial *131#

Now, you have completed the step to claim your 4G free data.

NOTE: most customers get the 4G free data automatically, so check to see if you are among the lucky ones before you go through the process above.JAMB Result

How To Qualify Or Check MTN DOUBLE Data Eligibility

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If you are new to MTN double data deal, there is no need to worry as we have included this section to guide you on certain things you are supposed to be aware of.

It makes sense to check your eligibility status in advance to avoid disappointments and frustrations. You should make a quick check if you are eligible for the MTN double data offer especially if you are unable to enjoy the MTN double data after you have attempted to upgrade several times.

To know if you are qualified, send PROMO to 131. You will receive a congratulatory message if you are eligible but you will not receive any notification if otherwise.

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