i drink from the fountain of mercy lyrics

  1. Come to the fountain of mercy and live,
    Come, and a pardon receive;
    Drink of the water that Jesus will give,
    Freely to those that believe;
    Weary and burdened with sorrow,
    Sweet is the message to thee,
    Learn of the meek and the lowly,
    Come, heavy laden to Me.

Come to the clear flowing river,
Drink of its waters forever,
Hungry and thirsty, O! never,
Bless├Ęd are they that believe!

2. Happy the nation whose God is the Lord;
Hearing in meekness and love
Counsels of wisdom and truth in His Word,
Looking for comfort above;
He is their Rock and Salvation,
He is their Strength and their Song,
Onward from glory to glory,
Leading them gently along. [Refrain]

3. Look unto Jesus, ye regions of earth,
Victor of death and the grave,
Though He was humble, and lowly His birth
He is the mighty to save.
Why should we wander in darkness?
Why to the world should we cling?
Hope, like a bird, is before us,
Pluming her beautiful wing. [Refrain]

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