Natalie Noel (Mariduena) Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Natalie Noel, born on December 1, 1996, is a talented American supermodel and social media influencer who has captured the hearts of many. She gained prominence through her close friendship with popular YouTuber David Dobrik, but her career has flourished on its own merits. In this blog post, we will explore Natalie Noel’s early life, education, successful career, and her charming relationship with Toddy Smith. Let’s dive in!

Natalie Noel Early Life and Education:

Natalie Noel was born and raised in Vernon Hills, Illinois, in the United States. She completed her early education in Illinois and later attended a private secondary school. Natalie went on to graduate from Lake Forest College in Illinois. Raised in a Christian household, she has always been an ardent believer. Her parents, Homero Mariduena and Jenn Mariduena, raised her alongside two sisters, Isa Mariduena and Lauren Mariduena.

Natalie Noel Career and Rise to Fame:

Natalie Noel’s journey to fame began after her participation in a swimsuit display at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami on July 10, 2021. However, her breakthrough came when she became David Dobrik’s assistant and joined his popular Vlog Squad. The duo has been friends since high school, where they attended Vernon Hills High School together. Natalie’s charm and charisma quickly made her a beloved figure in David’s vlogs, which contributed significantly to her rising popularity.

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Apart from modeling and social media, Natalie’s entrepreneurial skills shone through when she took on the role of Head of Brand for Dispo, a photo-sharing and social networking app co-founded by David and herself.

Notably, Natalie made history as a rookie model by featuring in the illustrious Swimsuit issue of a renowned publication in 2021. Her involvement marked a significant step forward for inclusivity and cultural diversity within the publication’s staff.

Natalie Noel Personal Life and Relationships:

While Natalie Noel is not married, she is in a relationship with Toddy Smith, a popular social media influencer and YouTuber. Before Toddy, she briefly dated Shawn Nelson. Natalie’s social media presence on platforms like Instagram (@natalinanoel) and Twitter (@natalinanoel) has garnered her a large and supportive fanbase.

Natalie Noel Net Worth:

With her successful career in modeling and social media influencing, Natalie Noel has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $1 million.


Natalie Noel, the talented American supermodel and social media sensation, has made a name for herself through her hard work and captivating personality. From her humble beginnings in Illinois to featuring in prestigious publications, Natalie’s journey is an inspiring one. Her relationship with Toddy Smith adds a touch of romance to her otherwise bustling career. As her fanbase continues to grow, we can expect more remarkable achievements from this rising star in the future.

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