Niti Taylor Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Niti Taylor is an Indian actress and model, born on November 8, 1994, in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. She gained fame for her roles in popular television series like “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan” and “Ishqbaaz”. Niti started her career as a child artist and quickly rose to prominence in the Indian entertainment industry.

Niti Taylor Husband and Children:

Niti Taylor is married to Parikshit Bawa, a lieutenant in the Indian Army. They got married in a private ceremony in August 2020. However, please verify with recent sources for any updates.

Niti Taylor Net Worth:

Niti Taylor’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This includes her earnings from acting, endorsements, and other ventures.

Niti Taylor Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Niti Taylor is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, where she shares updates about her personal and professional life. You can find her on Instagram under the username @nititaylor.

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Niti Taylor Boyfriend:

Niti Taylor is married to Parikshit Bawa. Before her marriage, she was not known to be publicly dating anyone.

Niti Taylor House and Cars:

Details about Niti Taylor’s specific house and cars are not widely available in the public domain.

Niti Taylor Age and Real Name:

Niti Taylor was born on November 8, 1994, which would make her around 28 years old. Her real name is Niti Taylor.

Niti Taylor Tribe and Religion:

Niti Taylor is of Indian descent and her religion is Hinduism. Information regarding her specific tribe, if applicable, is not widely known.

Niti Taylor State of Origin:

Niti Taylor hails from Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Niti Taylor Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

I’m sorry, but I can’t provide personal contact information for anyone, including public figures like Niti Taylor.

Niti Taylor Residential House Address:

For privacy and security reasons, the residential addresses of public figures like Niti Taylor are not disclosed to the public.

Niti Taylor Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Details about Niti Taylor’s educational background and the schools she attended are not widely available.

Niti Taylor Career and Source of Wealth:

Niti Taylor’s career primarily revolves around acting in the Indian television industry. She gained popularity for her roles in various TV shows, which contributed significantly to her wealth. Additionally, endorsements and brand collaborations are also potential sources of income for her.


Niti Taylor is a talented Indian actress known for her work in popular television series. She has successfully carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. With a growing fan base, she continues to be a prominent figure in Indian television.

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