Paris Lyrics – Kota The Friend


Yeah, I smile big lately
They talkin’ crazy, I don’t really give a shit lately
Look at my bank account like how I let that shit faze me?
I got some power if everyone in your crib hate me
My wife cheat, I’m just grateful for that prenuptual
Keep it movin’ and leave that bitch in the dust with you
You can have her, I’m over it, on to other news
Imagine niggas stressin’ over someone that’s another dude’s
Laugh it off with a view
Standin’ on a balcony in Paris
Polo draws, Ray-Bans, Nike slides, fashion
Never for the ‘Gram, never see me camera-snappin’
I could get a shooter on you if you lookin’ for the action
Rap niggas bitter ’cause they ain’t gettin’ no traction
Postin’ another pic on the ‘Gram, fuck with the caption
Actin’ like it’s out of your hands, that shit is tragic
Throw some shade at somebody out here makin’ it happen
That’s the cycle of a hatin’ nigga
Hungerin’ for fame, they ain’t hungerin’ for real
They don’t know a nigga pain
They be tryin’ to control, I just let ’em do they thing
I want freedom for us both, bitches hack into my phone
I be tired of this generation
I don’t gotta sign, I never dabble in divination
Old-school nigga, but now I’m no fool, nigga
Bitch, you get caught up in some litigation
Trust me, only thing you victim of is my vindication
Homie, it’s a new day
Betrayal never personal, nigga, that is a you thing
I love to hear ’em tellin’ me, “Kota, I feel like you changed”
Movin’ to the penthouse, crazy how quick the view change
If it don’t affect me, it don’t affect me
I ain’t trippin’ ’til you step to me directly
Tryna harm me or my family, I be Hurricane Sandy
I am ready for you motherfuckers, don’t think you hear me
Hand hovers over the button you ever dare me
Fuck me over, only end up fuckin’ yourself
I got the energy to put your fuckin’ foot in your mouth
And so be careful what you doin’ when you lookin’ for clout
And think twice before you bring that stupid shit by my house, you heard?

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