Coffee Shop Bop Lyrics

Song by Sarah Maddack

“Coffee Shop Bop”

I hopped
Into a coffee shop
And then my jaw dropped in shock
When I saw a girl who had cool pants
They made me want to dance
I started to advance to tell her
Until I heard a little voice say
“Stop! You’re gonna make it weird
For everyone in here and you’re gonna break her flow
So you better just not”

I said, “You’re really dumb”
And then she looked up
And thought that
I was telling her that she was really dumb
I started to explain
And then I said, “I love your pants
And I was previously talking to my brain”
She said, “I understand, I made this pair of pants by hand
And I believe that it is time for us to dance”

And that is what we did
We had a great time
And all because I’d given a stranger a compliment

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