Greatness Quavo lyrics

Yo Yo Huncho Yo
My chain my watch my wrist my motherfuckin house
My rise and grind (grind)
I’d giveaway all this shit just to see my dawg just one more time (one time)
Look up at the lights one time (one time)
Hit the stage the mic one time (one time)
Roll one get right one time
Two cups, two cups, two cups

You remember them MCM backpack
We were running around with them racks (racks)
No wock no wock ain’t never took wock to Poland I was drinking that act (on God)

Came in swept the gang like a storm with a muthafuckin flow nigga like Take did that (on God)
So don’t ask about the group he gone, we gone
Young nigga it can’t come back (damn!)

I’m gonna make sure mama straight (mama)
Especially Mama Take
I can’t kick it with a fake (na!)
And I won’t sleep with the snakes (snakes)
I’d rather eat with the greats (greats)
I wanted peace but I can’t (peace)
I gotta get something straight
Hold on wait!

Tryin to move forward but I don’t got all the answers (don’t got the answers)
But I know I can’t look backwards, that’s dangerous (that’s dangerous)
I had to go read the Bible and take a few pages (take a few pages)
Huncho influence lil nigga now I turn the pages (the pages)
Never forget that the Migos amazing (Migo!)
Look at the ice and not in my pants
You know that them young know that them young niggas made it (ice)

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Get ya mind right lil nigga you never know that you could be famous (you!)
I got that shit outta the mud, caught a lil buzz and QC changed it (QC)

Faces, faces, all kind of faces (for real)
All kind of faces (on God), we all God’s babies (on God)
We all built with greatness
We all came in dangerous
We all bound to fall against the odds
We get up and go crazy
And we face it (face it), we face it (come on)
Whatever type we face it (whatever)
The time it takes to get it (time)
The time it take to make it (make it)
The time it take to lose it (time)
The time it take to take it (take it)
The time it take to win (time)
The time you made the greatest (greatest!)

Yo, you made the greatest time with your life
Right now it’s greatness
You pick the perfect time in the world with right now
That time is greatness

I don’t care how long it take
I don’t care what storm you been through
It’s greatness
This is how legends is born
I couldn’t do it without the greatest group in the world
I couldn’t do it without the greatest nephew in the world

I love my Mama (mama mama)
I love my sister (greatness) (I love, I love)
My niece (greatness) (I love, I love)
Lingo (greatness)
To infinity, the strongest link in the world

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