Shabooya lyrics


Song by Gloss Up, Hitkidd, and K Carbon

Okay, go on three
One, two, three
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call (ayy)

I go by Slime (yeah) I’m hella fine (yeah)
I got some niggas (yeah), but they ain’t mine (yeah)
Can’t stop this pimpin’ (yeah), ’cause I’m from Memphis (yeah)
I’m too player, you won’t never catch me slippin’ (yeah)

Look, ayy, I’m Aleza (yeah), I’m smokin’ reefer (yeah)
That ain’t your nigga, he ain’t no keeper, he a eater (yeah)
And I’m a stoner (yeah), popular loner (yeah)
Fat blunts, White Runtz, that’s my persona (yeah)

I’m Glossiana (yeah), hot as the summer (yeah)
I keep a treat (yeah), know how I’m comin’ (yeah)
Important bitch, you can’t reach me by my number (yeah)
Didn’t let him fuck, he ate my ass, what a bummer (yeah)

Bitch, I’m Big Carbon (yeah), run through his wallet (yeah)
If I want that nigga, bitch, you better watch him (yeah)
I touch big figures, I’m strictly doggin’ niggas (yeah)
They talkin’ ’bout, “What the fuck is that?” how I shit on bitches (yeah)

I’m Slimeroni (Queen Slime), the one and only (the one and only)
You might’ve seen me (you might’ve seen me), but you don’t know me (ho, you don’t know me)
Pay me attention (pay me attention), ’cause I’m expensive (cha-ching)
Shit on hoes, I don’t care if it’s offensive (fuck ’em)

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It’s only one Aleza (uh-huh), on my neck a freezer
I been the shit since they was pagin’ through them beepers (beep-beep, beep-beep)
I’m a bad bitch in my bonnet (huh), like my daddy, I be stuntin’ (flexin’)
And he in love with me, but I’m in love with spendin’ this money (racks)

Bitch, I’m Gloss (mhm), this pussy cost (mhm)
Keep my pussy in his mouth just like some floss (mhm)
This pussy pricy (mhm), he wanna wife me (mhm)
Runnin’ niggas, I should be sponsored by Nike (mhm)

Bitch, I’m Big Carbon (yeah), don’t call me Kim, ho (the fuck?)
Got good pussy, have him bustin’ out my window (good pussy)
Feel like 50 Cent (why?), ’cause I got many men, ho (okay)
I be fresh as fuck, expensive linens with no lint on

Bitch, I’m Queen Slime (yeah), queen of the dimes (yeah)
Man, I’m so hard, make shit look easy without tryin’ (yeah)
I don’t fuck with too many, but these hoes, I got plenty (yeah)
Don’t ask me ’bout your nigga, just know that my bitch’ll send me (yeah)

Uh, Leza or Aleza (yeah), nah, fuck that, Big Leza (yeah)
These juicy-ass titties got these niggas choosin’, pickin’ (yeah)
He think we finna kick it (no), to me, he just a ticket (yeah)
See I just want his funds, then that contact gettin’ deleted (yeah)

Ayy, call me Glitter (Big Gloss), I take your nigga (uh-huh)
She want her nigga back, but he stuck like a sticker (he is)
He love her pretty face (he do), but I’m thicker (I’m thicker)
Niggas think they slick (slick), but I’m slicker (on God)

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Bitch, I’m Big Carbon (it’s Carbon), break him and send him back (brrd, brrd)
I’ma take her nigga, come here bitch, and give me that (snatch it)
Now she cryin’ in her pillow, hoes silly, hoes mad (ho, shut up)
Made him eat my ass, give me all his cash, break him down bad, bitch (facts)

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