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Meet Christi Pirro, a popular American internet personality, lawyer, and media personality who has made a name for herself beyond being the daughter of the renowned TV host and novelist, Jeanine Ferris Pirro. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Christi’s early life, education, successful career in law, and her thriving presence in the media world. Let’s explore the life of this rising star and learn more about her journey to success.

Jeanine Pirro Early Life and Education:

Christi Pirro was born on June 23, 1985, in the United States to her parents, Jeanine Pirro and Albert Pirro. She grew up with her family, including her relative Alexander Pirro, and was lovingly called “Kiki Pirro” by her close ones. Christi pursued her education at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a BA in Political Science and Communications. She further honed her legal expertise by completing her JD program at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Jeanine Pirro Career in Law:

Christi Pirro’s professional journey showcases a wealth of skills and accomplishments. She has established herself as a respected legal advisor, having worked with prestigious firms like Ropes and Gray and Kirkland. Her expertise in company reconstruction has garnered her recognition, and she was named the Rising Star by private debt investors in 2020. Despite her own success, Christi is often associated with her mother’s career and achievements, as Jeanine Pirro made history as the first female judge examiner in Westchester County, New York, and hosts the popular show “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Fox News Channel.

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Jeanine Pirro Media Presence:

Apart from her legal career, Christi Pirro has also become a prominent figure in the media world. Her mother’s profession undoubtedly influenced her interest in this field. Known as a moderate TV personality and creator, Christi often discusses her mother’s career on various platforms. Jeanine Pirro’s influence on Christi’s life is evident, as she grew up watching NBC News and the Today Show alongside her mother.

Jeanine Pirro Personal Life:

Christi Pirro is happily married to her husband, Zak Schwarzman. They tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony on August 19, 2017, at Portland Harbor’s House Island. Prior to their wedding, the couple had a commitment ceremony in October 2016. While it’s unclear if they have children together, Christi’s personal life seems to be filled with love and joy.

Jeanine Pirro Net Worth:

$1 million


From being known as Jeanine Pirro’s daughter to establishing her own identity as a successful lawyer and media personality, Christi Pirro’s journey is inspiring and commendable. Her dedication to her legal career and her candid discussions about her mother’s achievements have won her admiration from many. With a net worth of around $1 million, Christi Pirro’s future looks bright as she continues to make waves in both the legal and media realms.

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