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Monidex.org Review Legit Or Scam

Hey there,i guess you are on this page to know if Monidex is a legit or scam platform,you are at the right place, I know after you are done reading this article you will be certain if Monidex is a good platform to join at the moment and you will also know if;
  • Is Monidex Legit?
  • Is Monidex scam?
  • How does Monidex.org works?
  • How to register and login?
  • is Monidex paying?
  • Monidex withdrawal threshold
  • Monidex.org Plans/Packages and many more.

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What is Monidex?

Monidex is an online earning platform where users are allowed to earn cool cash by performing easy daily tasks and also get paid for inviting friends and family to join the platform using your referral link, when anyone register on the platform using your link, you get a commission for each referral.

According to the platform display it’s a web-based development and associate program mutually worked by very much experienced financial experts and abroad business visionaries.

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How Does Monidex.org works?

To start participating and earning on this platform known as Monidex.org, you must be a registered member of the platform.

To get started you’ll be required to visit their official website [www.Monidex.org],Contact a code vendor to purchase your voucher which is N3,000 and return to the website to complete your registration procedures.

When you register on Monidex, you get rewarded with a welcome bonus of N2,000 and the platform also allow you to start earning cool cash by performing  daily tasks on the platform like daily logins, sharing of sponsored post and lot more.

You can also earn on Monidex through their referral program which is by referring new members to join the platform using your unique referral link and you earn a commission of N2,000 for each person that refer to the platform.

Monidex.org Registration/Signup

To Register on Monidex you will have to follow the steps below;

  1. Click here to register Monidex.org
  2. Contact a code vendor to purchase your code and return to the website
  3. Input the required information
  4. Then, click on REGISTER to complete your registration.

Monidex Referrals Program

Another way of earning from Monidex is through their referral program i.e., by inviting family and friends to join the platform using your unique referral link.

When anyone successfully register on the platform using your referral link, the platform rewards you with a commission of N2,000 for registering the person with your refferral link.

You can earn more through the referral program by sharing your referral link to social media platforms, encouraging family and friends to register.

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Monidex Minimum withdrawal Amount

You are eligible to make withdrawal on Monidex once you reach the required withdrawal threshold on the platform.

Minimum withdrawal threshold on monidex for affiliate earners is N2,000 while the minimum withdrawal amount for non-affiliate earners is N15,000. Withdrawal is processed 30th of every month. All you need to do is to provide account details and request for withdrawal.

How do i earn on monidex?

You can earn on monidex through the following ways;

  • Daily logins – N200
  • Sharing of Posts -N300
  • Referral Bonus – N2,000
  • Indirect Referral – N200

Is Monidex Paying?

The platform is currently paying it’s members as at now but we’ll need to verify it when the non referrals get paid.

Is Monidex.org Legit?

Monidex.org is currently verified as a legitimate platform. They are currently paying their members

If you want to join this platform, make sure you invest what you can afford to lose incase of any misfortune hereafter.

Is Monidex Scam?

This platform cannot be tagged a scam platform as at now ,because no one has reportedly been scammed by this platform.

My advice to already registered and intending to registered member of this platform is to make sure you invest what you can afford to lose in case of any misfortune.

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