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Topupvista Review – Scam Or Legit? Check It Out

Alot of people might have been wondering how do people that sell airtime, data & people who help you subscribe for your DSTV, GOtv etc make money from doing such business, well to clear you up on that people who venture into such business do get commission on every transaction they make.

That’s why TOPUPVISTA is here for you, i know you might be wondering what is TOPUPVISTA? Is it another scam? How you can make money from it? features on TVT, how to become a shareholder? why you should become a shareholder?, why is team work important on TOPUPVISTA? what team you can join on TOPUPVISTA? & different between agent and shareholders, but don’t worry because i will be giving you detailed explanation why TOPUPVISTA is the right business to join currently.



Topupvista which is short for TVT is a VTU company that has created a standardized platform which gives people the opportunity to make extra income for paying bills using TOPUPVISTA telecommunication platform. With this TVT system you can be making nothing less than ₦5000 daily if you partner with them and if you happen to be a on very good and growing team.



TVT has different ways for you make a good amount of money daily that might even convince you to resign on your monthly salary job, because with TVT you will be making your salary in just weeks let check out those features

Affiliate Commission: We all what affiliate means, on TVT you get commission for every user that register with your unique link & the commission will be giving to once the person activate his/her account. You get 50% whenever someone register and activate their TVT account.


VTU Real-time Commissions: This commissions are given whenever a user carryout a transaction on the VTU portal, For every transactions a minimum of 4-5% is accrued let assume 50,000 users carry out a transaction of about 1000 each within 24hrs. The earnings percentage is 5% of 1000 = ₦50 now multiply that by 60,000 users and see how much you can make within 24hrs on TVT.

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TVT Unique Stages: Topupvista has alot of stages and each stage has it own benefits for you to upgrade to another level you don’t have to pay anyone, the more you carryout activities on TVT the more you earn & most especially when you join TEAM BILLION to each new levels won’t take long at all.

  • Emerald-  Gift Vouchers
  • Professional –  ₦200k monthly and a car worth 5million
  • Tycoon – ₦500k monthly, House grant worth 7million and all expenses paid trip.


Team Work Commissions: When you have 5 indirect downlines, it means you’ve completed a TVT circle and if you are able to complete a circle 10times you will be rewarded with a gift voucher worth over ₦120K which you can redeem instantly to cash.

Loans Without Collaterals: As a TVT member, you are eligible to obtain a loan of up to ₦150k from the company without any collateral or interest.

Free POS: You can get a free POS after registration for your personal use or business, If you are a POS shop owner and you are getting low commission from the POS you’re using quickly get TVT POS now and get amazing commission for every transactions.


Unique Debit Card For Withdrawal: TVT has integrate a hassle-free debit card which helps members can use the funds on their TOPUPVISTA to make payment, do online shopping with ease. You can request for TVT debit card and you will receive it from our TVT agents.


Live Earnings Tracking: Another amazing feature on TVT is the ability to see your live earnings and all activities that you have carried out for the day.

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  • Registration fee is ₦6,500
  • Instant cashback of ₦1050 (Can be withdrawn instantly)
  • Affiliate Earning – ₦3250 (Can be withdrawn)
  • TVT POSTS – ₦500 X 30days =15,000(Paid in Cash)
  • VTU commission – ₦200X30 = 6000
  • If you happen to invite your friend you earn automatic ₦3250 instantly. Imagine if you invite two persons daily. That is ₦6500 x 30days = ₦195,000

Note: Withdrawal is once a week, If you have the Topupvista Debit card you can withdraw daily.

Why You Should Join TOPUPVISTA?

Everyday people spend money to buy data, airtime, pay their Dstv, GOtv and Startimes subscription and even pay their electricity bill whether they like it or not they can’t do without any of these.

That’s the main purpose why TOPUPVISTA was established and the main reason it won’t crash, you might have done some many online business but they never pay you even after carry out all the activities why not join TVT now and get commission on everything you need on a daily basis.

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On TVT you earn when others do any transactions that involves;

  • Instant cashback of ₦1050 (Which Can be withdrawn instantly).
  • 50% Affiliate Commission – ₦3250 (Which Can be withdrawn).
  • TVT Jobs & Post – ₦500 X 30days = ₦15,000(Paid in Cash).
  • Automatic VTU Commission – 350 on (Airtime, Data and cable subscription).
  • Spill Over & Team Commission.
  • Massive share holding commission for shareholders daily.
  • If you happen to invite your friend you earn automatic ₦3250 instantly. Imagine if you invite two persons daily. That is ₦6500 x 30days = ₦195,000.


Everything listed above is somethings people can do without because everybody will need data tp surf the internet, they also need airtime to call business partner, family and friends, need electricity to go about their business and also would need to pay cable subscription to watch movies & football matches.

How To Become A Shareholder On TOPUPVISTA?

As a shareholder you are entitled to earn 2-5% of profit generated by the company, the company share their profit with you daily and as the company grows bigger so will your share in the company grows & you are entitled to get a loan from the company to promote your business without any collateral or interest and once you have a team circle upto 10times you will get rewarded.


How To Register On TOPUPVISTA?

To join the TVT all you have to do is to click HERE to register for free, fill out all the details and accept terms and conditions after registering you will need to activate your code.

Click Here To Purchase TOPUPVISTA Activation Key

To get your TOPUPVISTA activation code click HERE, after purchasing your activation code and your TVT account is active you can start carrying out transactions and get commission on every transaction. The activation code is just ₦6500 which is a one-time fee for agents and ₦19500 for shareholders.

Click Here To Register On TOPUPVISTA

Difference Between Agent & Shareholders

An agent and a shareholder on TOPUPVISTA company has different ways they get commission on every activities they carry out, For starters(Agents) with registration fee of ₦6500 they stand a chance to get;

1. 16% Welcome Bonus.
2. 5% Data Commission on all transactions carried out daily.
3. Sharing TVT products = ₦500.
4. When they Download TVT app = ₦500.
5. Free POS.
6. Free ATM Card.


From my calculations and percentage you can comfortably earn ₦1000 daily and ₦30,000 Naira monthly without Referral. Every dime you make on this Telecommunication company is totally accessible and withdrawal, If you want to register has a TVT agent click HERE and remember after registration which is free you will need to activate your account to purchase your TVT activation code click HERE to message our trusted agent.

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Being a shareholder of TVT has a lot of advantages for me i’ll advice you to become a shareholder of the company because you will get amazing earnings with registration fee of ₦19,500 that includes;

1.16% welcome bonus.
2. 20% Data commission.
3. Sharing TVT products = N2650
4. 50% Referral commission.
5. 25% Daily VTU commission.
6. Loan without Collateral.
7. Gift Voucher worth over 120k.
8. Free POS.

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All these are accessible to all shareholders, and from my observations Shareholders on topupvista makes a lot of money daily by owning a share in this company. They gain a lot of percentage daily from whatever the company makes, i.e the company share their profit evenly with all shareholders although shareholders position are limited but if you happen to secure one you might be dancing your way to financial freedom.


Why Is Team Work Important On TOPUPVISTA?

Topupvista is not all about selling or marketing VTU, there is more to it. With TOPUPVISTA you can make a lot of real cash without personally selling a single recharge or top up.

How Is That Possible?

With TOPUPVISTA team commission, once you belong to a good team their spillover indirect commission accrues daily to you, you can make extra 2% commission from a team call TEAMBILLION daily just by partnering or registering with them. This 2% is nothing less than N600 daily or more.


What Team Can I Join On TOPUPVISTA?

Currently, the most active and well oriented team is TEAM BILLION has a member of the team you’ll get;

  1. Access to earning tips.
  2. All team member will get 0.5% each from team earnings.
  3. Giveaways.
  4. Tutorials.
  5. Ability to move from one level to another faster, Note; we have emerald level, professional and tycoon and each of this levels comes with it’s unique features, you can register for free with TEAM BILLION.

Click Here To Register On Under TEAM-BILLION

To join TEAM BILLION click HERE to chat with admin directly or click HERE to join their WhatsApp Group.


With all sincerity, TEAM BILLION happens to be the biggest and most popular team on the platform because they allow their members share strategic ideas on how they can earn more on TVT, which make them generate a lot of profit on the market and it’s easier for the team members to access a lot of money daily.


If you the currently experiencing financial difficulty, i will implore you to join TEAM BILLION because of the amazing benefit you get from it. To register under TEAM BILLION for free click HERE and to purchase your activation key from TEAM BILLION admin click HERE.

Is TOPUPVISTA Legit or Scam?

From experience has a blogger and financial forensic i don’t think no online business has a chance with TOPUPVISTA because they create a system that can never crash, as at the time i’m writing this article TOPUPVISTA is very legit and with real product to give.

Because the services they provide which gives commissions are services which we human can’t do without in this Era, VTU is the future and that’s why fintech and financial institutions are leveraging on this platfrom right now.

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Conclusion: After you might have read this article i know you should be convince to join TOPUPVISTA because it’s a kind of business you should venture into with the current financial problems in Nigeria even with the problems people still find ways to get data, airtime, electricity and cable bills so why not join TOPUPVISTA now and start earnings lifetime commissions.

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