Beyond the Boroughs 2023 Scholarship 

Beyond the Boroughs 2023 Scholarship 

Beyond the Boroughs 2023 Scholarship 

Scholarship Details

Beyond the Boroughs was founded by veteran Tutan Reyes in 2007. He committed to giving young men and women a brighter future through a scholarship fund that rewards students in accredited colleges who are unable to finance their studies.

The primary aim of Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship program is rooted in a refusal to let lingering financial difficulties hinder the leaders of tomorrow from achieving a great mile.

Again, Beyond the Boroughs Program thrives on the challenge to provide support, funds, and mentorship to students.

As a public charity program, Beyond the Boroughs raises money and distributes as many scholarship funds as possible each year.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Grade: High School Graduate – Undergraduate

Maximum Age: Any

Required GPA: 2.5

Geographic Eligibility: United States

Gender: Any

Race/Ethnicity: Any

Key Information of Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship

Study Details


Recommendation letters

Grade transcript

Financial Information

Short Answers

Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Deadline

January 1, 2023

March 15, 2023

How to Qualify for the Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship program


Apply Before the Deadline

The Beyond the Boroughs scholarship gets a lot of candidates every year. To increase your chance of winning, try as much as possible to apply early.Not days before the Deadline or you applying on the last day because you might not stand a chance of getting the Scholarship

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Get your documents intact

Both your School qualifications and necessary examination results should be ready for submission

So on this note,All documents should be ready for submission. You don’t want to take any chances by missing a document.


Make your essay stand out

Make your essay detail-oriented and focused rather than trying to cover a topic that is not important. Make sure to reread your essay for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and so on.


Involve yourself in extra-curricular activities

Increase your chances of winning with your participation in extracurricular activities. Make sure to put that in your application.

How the Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship is Judged

The candidates are judged by their academic records. The candidate must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher, proof of acceptance to an accredited four-year college, and a low-income household. Candidates must also have involvement in extra-curricular activities to stand a chance of winning.

Why We Love the Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship


Beyond the Boroughs encourages philanthropy

Not only do they help out students with scholarship funds, but they also urge people to give back to the community.


The scholarship award will last four years

The scholarship fund can be spread for over four years and will be paid directly to the institution of learning.


An exceptional fundraising strategy

Beyond the Boroughs, the Funding strategy not only honors the highest contributors but also all those who find a way to donate, no matter how small.

5 Facts About the Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship 2023


You can establish a scholarship in your name

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Beyond the Boroughs has made it easy to donate scholarship awards in honor of your loved ones or yourself.


Productive partnerships are of importance

Forming beneficial partnerships is of importance to Beyond the Boroughs. With partners on board such as Oscar de la Renta, The Somarela Fund, and others.


At Beyond the Boroughs, every gift counts

You too can be a donor. No contribution is too small. Any gift of any kind or size is accepted.


Winning candidates become part of growing community

Each winner gets to be part of a community and get their scholarship profile.


Encouragement of donor networks

Beyond the Boroughs also gets communities to band together and contribute to help a person of choice and give him/her a specific scholarship.

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