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How To Open PDF File

In today guide I will explain the best two applications that can help you on how to open a PDF file on your mobile device, In this article we’ll also share links to download the apps so you can use to open your PDF files with ease.

But first let get an idea of what a PDF file and What application you can use to open it and also copy, edit and read the file.

What a PDF file?

The PDF is also called Portable Document Format and was created by Adobe Systems in 1993 and was officially released in 2008.

PDF was developed to share documents, including text formatting and inline-images which cannot be opened on your mobile devices without the help a document reader that why we are going to share you these document readers for you.

How To Open PDF File On Android And IOS Devices

As you all know with the recent technologies they have been apps which are called Document readers that can be use to open PDF files both on your Android or IOS devices, The PDF readers is going to be given in this article so you can open and read your files easily.

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What Are PDF Readers?

A PDF readers is a program/application that allows users to open and read PDF files. From the previous discussions, PDF is also known as for “Portable Document Format”. This file format is easy to print and share t others but cannot be modified, Once a file as been stored or saved as a PDF, the files cannot be converted back to their original format without a unique software or application.

To get started with these PDF readers we are going to give you the Two easy to use applications that you can download and read your PDF files.

Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe PDF reader is a mobile application that allows you to work with on your document with less stress. It’s has been the most trusted PDF reader with over 365 million downloads.

Adobe Reader

With this PDF reader, you can easily open, edit, read or even scan a PDF document and the app also a friendly user interface. With the Adobe PDF reader, you will also have the ability to share PDF’s, collaborate, annotate PDF’s, store files, manage files and as well as the ability to connect your account with good drive.

WPS Office PDF Reader

WPS office is another mobile PDF reader that allows you to open, view and edit any PDF file for free just like Adobe Reader. This application has features like integrates word docs, Microsoft Excel, PPT Presentations, Online forms and Cloud Storage.

WPS Reader

Using WPS reader you will be able to store, scan, view and also edit your PDF files with ease, You can get it on your Google Playstore or App Store for IOS users

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Note: Both Adobe Reader and WPS Reader are both available for downloads on IOS and Android Devices.

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