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NIMC App – How To Get Plastic National ID Card

NIMC app is a mobile application that is created to be able to get your Digital Identity Card easily from the comfort of  your home as long as you have the required details to get it, I will be showing you step by step on how you can get your plastic card online.

Getting plastic ID card online is easy as long as you can follow the guide i’m very sure you will be able to print it out successfully.

About NIMC App

The NIMC app is a digital mobile identity application, which was established by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) along side the ministry of communication & digital economy and the Nigeria Government.

With this NIMC mobile app, you will be able to get your national identity both virtual and physical which contains your image, name, date of birth and identity number.

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NIMC app

Requirement To Use NIMC App

For you to be able to use the identity app, you will to have created your National Identity Number (NIN) from the National Identity Management Commission or any accredited agent nearby your location.

Now, you will need to download the NIMC App from Google Play Store or App Store to get started with the process.

Benefit Of  Using The NIMC App

The NIMC app has a lot of benefit to its users which makes the app more important to use to carry out tasks on it, Now let look like the benefit on the NIMC app and how you can get your plastic NIN.

Free To Use

The NIMC app is freely available to all smartphone users, All you have to do is to download the app, install it and have access to view your plastic ID card without making any payment. For you to be able to download and print your plastic ID card some payment has to be made directly on the app, we will look at how you can do that in this article.

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Checking Linked Numbers

Other features on the app includes the ability to check all numbers that has been linked with your National Identification Number (NIN), And every NIN has the ability to link only 7 numbers which is the maximum that the Federal Government approves.

Premium NIN Slip

This feature is the main feature on the app which allows you to print your plastic ID card and also the paper one in form of PDF which can be printed from any Cafe around you.

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Now that you might gotten idea of how the app works and how it can benefit you let go to the main point which is how to get your plastic ID card online.

How To Get Plastic ID Card On NIMC Online App

Getting the plastic ID card becomes easy when you know how to do it, that’s why i am going to show you step by step guide on how to go about it make sure you follow the steps to get a good results. You will need some resources to be able to get the ID card on the app which includes;

  • National Identification Number
  • Internet Access
  • The NIMC app
  •  A Smartphone

As long you have all the listed resources you are good to with getting your ID card online, To get your NIN if you already have it maybe you have forgotten where you stored it you can dial *346# on the number use to register for your NIN, incase you have not enrolled for it click here to see the enrolments centers in your area to register for your National Identification Number.

Downloading the NIMC app

As far you have gotten your NIN you can go ahead with downloading the NIMC app and install it on your smartphone, Below is the link to download the NIMC app

Name                                                      NIMC Mobile App

App Size                                                 21mb

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Download NIMC Mobile App

After downloading the app, you will need to input your 11 digit National Identification Number click on the next button and accept their terms and conditions.

Then you will be asked to verify your NIN by them sending a verification code to the number you use to register the National Identification Number, Then after doing the above step you will be asked to create a six digit pin that will be use to login to your NIMC account on the app.

Printing Your Plastic ID Card

This is the main point of all this guide, once you have been able to register on the NIMC app, then you can proceed to print your premium NIN slip.

Simply scroll down on the app dashboard and click on the option that says “Print NIN slip”. You will see an option which says “Quickly print your Premium NIN slip and use anywhere”, click on the Print Premium Slip button attached to it and you will be redirected to the payment page. Click on the pay with Remita button and choose the payment method that is convenient for you. You will pay a total amount of 1000 and other charges may apply while paying.

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Once the payment has been successfully completed, you will have access to a download button simply click on it and download the premium slip.

This file can be downloaded once, so make sure you don’t leave the page once you start the payment process until the file is successfully downloaded on your phone.

Now that you have successfully download the file you might have to visit a printing center so they can print it out for you and you can use it to completed any type of verification you want.

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