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How to Reduce Phone From Overheating

Smartphone users should be mindful on how their phones overheat, Overheating makes your phone to charging stop, screen brightness gets to the minimum level, some functions of apps get disabled or even make it to start lagging..

When your phone heats it makes your phone battery life shorter and could also lead to a massive destruction of your device. A lot of users do not even care if their phone overheat while charging, playing mobile games or trying to operate on different apps at the same time.

In today’s article that we are going to discuss i will list 6 best ways to reduce your phone from the hot all the time and help you make use of your phone life span very well you can also check here for best five way to make money online for free CLICK HERE, So let get into today’s discussion.

1. Do not make your phone direct to the sun

First thing that makes your phone overheat is keeping your phone under the ray of sunlight, So to stop your phone from over heating try to keep it away from sunlight it helps in avoiding overheating of the phone, The sun rays are captured by the screen of that phone reflecting it back.

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Sun heating a phone

2. Removing Of Your Case

Sometimes selecting phone case when purchasing is also important because, some phone case are not that thick to the extent that it does not protect the phone from certain temperatures.

Removing of case

3. Reduce Your Phone Brightness

When trying to save your battery life the best way is to reduce your phone brightness, Reducing your brightness Level will allow the battery work less and prevent the phone from overheating, Some smartphones as a system that adjust brightness in certain times.


4. Closing Your Background Apps

Some Apps that runs in the background of your phone uses some big amount of your Battery and RAM, Closing your background apps helps reduce phone processor and that does not make the phone over heat.

background apps

5. Updating of Apps And Software

Some Apps developers and coders are constantly finding bugs and fault in their code, many of this existing bugs can cause excessive use of your phone battery life and over heat the phone.

software update


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